Your Tribe

Your Tribe is my brain child, I’m a Newcastle based Yoga Teacher and newly awakend artist. I’m Jane.

Having had a funny idea about dancing in paint whilst throwing ideas around for my sisters’ final production at University, a very long time ago, it’s niggled away in my funny little head since then.

Almost twenty years later having been talking to someone about it, I got up one morning and decided I was going to give it a go in my garden shed, much to the amusement of her neighbours!

Having dragged my husband out of bed to join me (resistant doesn’t even begin to describe how he felt!), there ensued a hilarious paint fight, which meant things would never be quite the same again.  The high from that paint fight lasted the best part of a week and the artwork that was created hangs pride of place in our house.

After that first try, I encouraged my friends and family to do the same and emptied my shed out a couple more times for people to have a go. Anyone that I spoke to about this daft little hobby were really keen to give it a go so I chucked in my job as an IT Project Manager and decided to give people the opportunity to get dirty and get creative – and Your Tribe was born.

I can’t tell you enough of, not only the fun and laughter that this activity creates but also the feeling of connection that is built through it; the feeling of release, the feeling of being creative – even if you don’t have any crafted creative skills.

Get your very own tribe together, be that your friends, family, other half, new love, colleagues, customers, hobby group, classmates or sports team and get down to the studio to make memories making a mess.

There is also very much therapeutic element to this type of play with paint too and it can serve as a wonderful tool for healing, be that of the individual or of relationships.

There are so many facets to throwing paint that there really is only one way to find out.

I think you really will have the best time and will want to come back for more.

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